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Purchasing Power

Did you know that Millennials now range in age from 27 to 42?! 

Is your business adapting to the current technology needs of Millennial and gen Z?

We are entering an era that sees a considerable shift of purchasing power from millennials to Generation Z. Millennial spending sits at just over $65 billion – whilst Generation Z is at almost $100 billion.

Studies after studies have shown Millennials and Gen Z prefer to text than call as a method of communication.

So why is your business not showing up where they pay the most attention?
What we do
We use unique, QR code flyer table stand to implement the best SMS marketing system for your business.

We get it all set up for you and build the lateralgenic™ way of a loyal customer base for your business/organization!

In business, getting attention is the first step of winning a customer. Nothing beats the medium of SMS with a whopping rate of 98% opening rate! 

Rather than hoping for your customers to come in, you now have the option to reach out to them with an irresistible offer and get them to come back to you and spend more money!

You will find out which offer works, which doesn’t. What your customer wants ideally from your business and how you can ultimately build a strong loyal base of customers with the data that we collect.

Spice it up with Text to Win Contest (diff method of giveaway), want 5 star google reviews on demand? Want to promote your social media pages? It all becomes easy with a system.

Hook. Line. Sinker.
SMS Marketing Framework


-Attention Grabber.

We get your customers to provide us with their phone numbers and opt in willingly.


-Irresistible Offer

We craft irresistible monthly offers and send them directly to their phone (with a timer/sense of urgency).


-Wanting More

The limited time offers, free stuff, BOGO, is like addiction (in a good way), sent directly to the palm of their hands.

98% Open rate

SMS has an open rate of a whopping 98%! While email has an average open rate of only 4-6%! Pair the open rate with a great SMS marketing campaign, your sales figures could see a significant growth! When your customer opts in, they know who you are and will respond well to your marketing texts!

Drive Traffic & Sales!

Wouldn't it be great if you could let your best customers know about an un-advertised dinner deal, special, or last minute dinner reservation opening? Furthermore, what if you could include a picture of something tasty to wet their whistles?

Build a list and grow your base!

Having a loyal customer base that you can send them any promos whenever you want it, can really do wonders for your business. It can further build customer loyalty and long term relationships for your business. This is essentially your "money tree" and the bigger it grows, the more revenue your business will bring in.


We will automate the SMS marketing part for your business so you can focus on other aspects of your business! SMS automation provides consistent returns by messaging your audience on a smart and consistent basis. One of the main reasons why brands fail with outbound marketing is because it requires consistent, hands-on focus. By sending automated texts, you can provide consistent value and stay top of mind with your customers.

Automated Birthday Rewards

Automated birthday text messages are one of the most fun and personal ways to engage with your customers or audience. 

Everyone wants to be treated special during their special day. Why don’t give them a reason to come into your store and spend some money? The more that your customers stop by, the more it becomes a habit, thus a loyal customer has been made. 

Birthdate collection is also 100% automated as subscribers are simply asked to reply back their date of birth when they join your text messaging list.


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